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Our Services:

Business Consulting

We offer a variety of services for business-inclined work, be it Information-Technology Consulting or Management Consulting. We also offer Exhibition Services, and Marketing Planning

Improving Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are one of the most fundamental skills in today's working society and we offer our services to assist the development of excellent leadership skills. In today's modern world, we need leaders who can lead regardless of cultural differences as it is vital to become competitive in the international market.

Intercultural Communication

As a China-based company, we aim to connect the world through Intercultural Communication. We can hone your skills in today's international market stage. We serve clients from around the world to help them compete in an ever growing business market.Be it for Cultural or Artistic Communication Planning.

Corporate Image Planning

Corporate Image Planning is an important skill, as reputation and impressions from customers and investors is vital in business. Be it through marketing and advertising, the way the public sees your company is very important. We can provide assistance and advice with planning a  good corporate image through intercultural communication skills.

Our Principles:



It is the fools who shame the wise, and the poor who shame the rich. No mountain is too tall for those who have equipped themselves with knowledge and wit.

Equip yourself with truthfulness and righteousness so that others may see and be ashamed at your readiness to face any challenge. Knowing is half the battle, and the rest will follow.


Joshua Consulting Co., Ltd aims to:

1. Provide consulting services on professional skills: technical and soft skills to improve on business, management and negotiation.

2. Equip individuals with balanced emotions (EQ) and well-developed intercultural-communication (IQ) skills for global competitiveness and better collaboration, in order to adjust and adapt better to a global market




Since we are surrounded with such great expectations, we must make sure we put our worries down and race with endurance.

Do not fear failure, as failure only comes to those who fear it. Strengthen your own resolve, not only to achieve greatness, but to also overcome doubt.


Through effort, will, and preparedness, the trials ahead will be overtaken.


Now that you have stood the test, the prize is yours for the taking. The reward is measured by the effort it took to get it. Those who worked hard, and persevered through it all, can bask in victory and win.


Joshua Consulting Co., Ltd envisions to be the top leading Consulting Company in Shanghai; equipping minds and hearts of every individual and organization who aims for life and work excellence.

We aim to train others so that they may become successful. Our dream is that one day, everyone may be equipped with the knowledge to make the right choices and not only succeed in their businesses but also in their lives. 

Cecilia Mag-isa Estoque

Ms. Cecilia Mag-isa Estoque is an experienced professor with a demonstrated teaching and consulting history from primary level up to the higher education. She is a licensed teacher, an ICQ Global DISC Licensed Practitioner, and ESSEC trained in International Business Negotiations, and an expert in Behavioral Skills in Intercultural Communication. Her other specializations are curriculum development, English language teaching (with training and certification by CELTA and TESOL), Life Coaching and Public Speaking

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