Joshua Consulting offers a variety of business, intercultural and leadership consulting related services.


Based in Shanghai China, Joshua Consulting aims to serve as an excellent stepping stone into the world market. We offer our consulting services to anyone who wishes to make a meaningful impact in our society.

Our consulting services include: Intercultural Communication, Business Management Consulting, Corporate Image Planning, Intercultural Global Leadership and Marketing Planning. We aim to provide only the best in consulting and training, to help you and your company thrive in the global market.


Joshua Consulting Co., Ltd envisions to be the top leading Consulting Company in Shanghai; equipping minds and hearts of every individual and organization who aims for life and work excellence.

We aim to train others so that they may become successful. Our dream is that one day, everyone may be equipped with the knowledge to make the right choices and not only succeed in their businesses but also in their lives. 


Joshua Consulting Co., Ltd aims to:

1. Provide consulting services on professional skills: technical and soft skills to improve on business, management and negotiation. Equipping our clients with the tools necessary to succeed, compete and to make the right choices.

2. Equip individuals with balanced emotions (EQ) and well-developed intercultural-communication (IQ) skills for global competitiveness and better collaboration, in order to adjust and adapt better to a global market


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